Welcome to the SE7 Pathfinder website.
What will the Pathfinders be doing?
The pathfinders will all test some core elements of reform, including:
  • a single education, health and care plan from birth to 25 years old, focusing on whether outcomes for disabled children and their parents have been improved
  • personal budgets for parents of disabled children and those with SEN so they can choose which services best suit the needs of their children
  • strong partnership between all local services and agencies working together to help disabled children and those with SEN
  • improved commissioning, particularly through links to health reforms
  • the role of voluntary and community sector organisations and parents in a new system
  • the cost of reform.

Pathfinders will also test some optional elements, including:

  • whether a national funding framework would help parents understand what level of funding is available to support their child’s needs
  • better support to help parents through the process
  • support to vulnerable children through the new process
  • and the impact of reforms on children aged 16 to 25, or children in the early years