jrmy19922, ranking number one in our group of leaders and can certainly say his left arm is a sniper rifle, he defines the term: BEAST!
can you handle this
warrior of flight

Klinix15, the man who follows in the footsteps of the greatest, soon to be a killing machine and rocking the charts with his spartan laser held up high, look at him, see red in the face!

Victory Walk of the Swords

Well......falling down does have its benefits...

HKSRacer2193, the man in the training, the one with heart, sure to lead you in to battle and to the top of any battle situation!
posing for the camera, want some of this!
Two heads, one bullet, so hot, its fire!

Knotlover, the names says it all, heavy metal, hair metal, to rocking the snake bites, give him an assault rifle and get out of the way, this kids a serious a** kicker!
rockets anyone?

can take anything you got, just try me...

natemx32, the few, the proud, the Nathan, sure to keep your a** covered in battle and surmount many obstacles to ensure your team takes the battle hands down, wheels are a specialty!

Jaguar7973, if you had to choose whether or not to assassinate someone or simply blow their brains out, well, you know which one this player would pick, bingo, you guessed, total oblivion of the cranium..

asteeler65, well, when it comes to mopping up whoever is left untouched, this guy will surely wipe the battlefield clear of any resistance!