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How are parents in West Sussex involved?

posted Jan 22, 2013, 3:55 PM by Debs Aspland
In WS we have a parental steering group of 10 to 13 parent carers who look at all the work streams within WS, this group not only attends this meetings/workshops but is a great sound boarding for  other questions and issues that happen in-between the meetings.  

We have already had our first meeting of the year and the next one is due on March 6th, we have also started to invite professionals so they can hear any concerns and parental response directly.  
At our last Local Project Board, the Forum presented a summary of questions and concerns parent carers had in the Road show we did last year - we visited five different areas in WS to discuss what was going on.  The LPB will be replying to our questions and by the end of January so we can update parents. 
The West Sussex Parents Forum has two parent carers' on each of the three work streams and a parental co-ordinator that bring together the information to inform the  parental steering group on their priorities and the gain a wider perspective. 

If you want to find out more about West Sussex Parent Carer Forum, their details can be found here